José Eber

Hollywood Celebrity Hairstylist

Arguably the most recognized hairstylist in the world, Beverly Hills-based stylist José Eber has had his hands in the hair of Hollywood's most beloved stars for four decades; something no other stylist has ever accomplished. The architect of the world's most acclaimed hairstyles, thousands of women across the world have been transformed by his artistic touch and inspired vision. The French born master stylist believes that every woman has star potential if she will recognize her own unique beauty and appreciate the characteristics and traits that make her special and different. José Eber analyzes each client's personality, lifestyle and facial structure to create a look from which her inner beauty can emerge. At the center of his makeover approach is the philosophy that a woman's beauty lives in her individuality, her positive spirit and her ability to look at her distinctive features as assets rather than flaws.

José Eber takes his love affair with hair to the next level by introducing the most revolutionary collection of professional quality hair tools on the market. At the forefront of innovation and technology, José Eber hair tools pave the way with superior designs and advanced features that provide professional quality results that are unsurpassed.